Tank Management/Environmental Contracting

Investigated, closed-in-place or removed 22,900 feet of fuel hydrant pipelines. Subsurface site investigations, including 177 Geoprobe borings, were conducted and fuel contaminated soils, residual liquids and sludge were remediated and/or removed.

Environmental Investigations, Remedial Design/Remedial Action for Underground Storage Tank Sites

Client: Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan

At Wurtsmith Air Force Base, completed investigations for the closure of all Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks at the base, prepared removal design and monitored closure of 50 tanks used for storage of petroleum and hazardous wastes. Subsurface site investigations were conducted to delineate the extent of contamination including removal and disposal of contaminated soils, residual liquids and sludge. Closure Plans for the removal of hazardous waste tanks were prepared including all closure reports.

Delineation and In-Situ Treatment of Soil & Groundwater at Petroleum Contaminated Sites

Client: Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence Wurtsmith Air Force Base

As a continuation to the Underground Storage Tank Project completed at this Air Force Base, Amtech was retained to delineate the soil and groundwater impacted areas, design remedial alternatives, monitor installation of the selected treatment alternative and operate the treatment systems. Two area each approximately 1500 ft by 1200 ft was determined to be impacted. AmTech completed Pilot Tests at each area using Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction to determine design parameters, designed the system, monitored the installation and start-up. The system is currently being operated.

Underground Storage Tank Sites Investigations, Upgrades, Closures & Corrective Actions

Client: Indiana Toll Road, Indiana Department of Transportation

AmTech completed upgrades, new installations, investigations at fuel release sites and development of Corrective Actions for Indiana Toll Road 36 sites on I-80/90.

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